This might sound odd coming from a DJ, but music is one of the last things I consider when working with my clients.

Sure, I have a tremendous song collection available and it is constantly kept updated. Everything from classic 40s tunes to the latest club hits. Even if you come up to me during an event with an unusual request, I’ll go online and retrieve it.

Nope, instead of talking about songs, my first priority is learning about you and how you want your party to feel. Maybe formal and classic is your vibe. Maybe you’ve got a more reserved crowd that you’d like to see cut loose, but don’t want to intimidate from stepping out onto the dance floor.

That’s why I spend time getting to know you. With unlimited consultations until we know exactly what you want.

My promise to all my clients is you have complete control over the music selection. If there are ten songs on your must-play list, they will be heard. If there are a hundred songs on that list, well… we have some work to do (in a 4-hour party you will generally hear 60 to 70 songs.)

I’m happy to play popular party songs such as The Electric Slide. However, I tend not to play the ‘typical’ songs you hear at everyone else’s weddings unless you request them.

Because why make your party typical?

I’ve been a DJ since the 90s and that experience allows me to excel at reading a room. I’ll deliver a variety of music that has a sense of flow. I love to combine this ability with your personality to make your event unique and really something special.

And if you don’t know where to start with music, that’s okay too. You can rely on my experience to help guide you every step of the way.

We’ll figure it out. Together.

— Frank




Why make your wedding or event playlist typical?

I’ll work with you one-on-one, giving personalized attention with unlimited consultations to create something special.