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What is the Difference between DJ Frank Yo= ung and other DJ’s?  Frank Young is very professional and flexible.  How?

I will do some of the= things that other DJ’s won’t if it means serving the client better.  Examples:


·      = If you contact me, there will be no “pressure sales”.  I will give you a quote, provide y= ou with a good picture of your event, answer any questions you may have and le= ave you free to advise me that you will either: get back to me, book me, or not book me.

·      = No gimmicks in trying to book you.  I will give you a very good price, which is the same price I give all others = (I would place it here, but I also have an association with some talent agenci= es and out of respect to them, we will avoid discrepancies).  I won’t cloud the picture an= d make things confusing by offering a 10% discount if you pay in full up front.  I won’t bait you by giving y= ou discounts to future parties or coupons for beauty salons, an 8x10 portrait = (I will leave that one to your photographer), etc.  A great price for a great service = is what you will get

·      = My pricing is consistent.  You ma= y have very well linked to my website through Respond.com, WedPlan.net or other si= tes where you provide your budget.  If your budget range goes to $1500, I will still offer you my competitive price (well under $1000) and you can use the difference on your honeymoon, fly fi= rst class, or invest it.  In essen= ce, I don’t give quotes based on what I think I can get due to your budget.=

·      = I will “hold” your date while you decide on who you want to hire.  Most companies won̵= 7;t do this because it requires too much effort on their part.  I believe it is a common courtesy.=   If someone else calls for your dat= e, I will call you and ask for a commitment.&nb= sp; Yes, it’s okay to shop around.

·      = If you want to meet me or come see me at an event, it can be arranged.  Please see below as I expand on the topic


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Should I go w= ith a large agency, small agency or an independent DJ?

I don’t get into the business of putting my competition down.  There are m= any decent and talented performers.  There are a few differences. 


Large DJ companies - seem like the right choice becaus= e of the commercials you see on TV and hear on the radio and it could give you t= he false impression that they are a “sure thing”.  Not always so.  They operate based on volume. The “discount price” is only available if you prepay in full “sight unseen”.  Y= our point of contact is usually a sales person.  The DJ (who often gets promoted as= an “employee of the company” but in reality is an independent contractor), usually does not get assigned until a few days or weeks before your wedding.  Getting a commi= tment from the DJ 8-10 months in advance will cost that company a premium and they simply stay away from that.  T= he actual DJ’s with these companies tend to only receive 1/4 to 1/3 or t= he total fee as their pay. 

This means you will likely compromise experience and q= uality of equipment.  I worked for on= e of the major companies back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and go= t my assignments on Tuesday or Wednesday for a wedding on Saturday. 


Independent DJ’s - give the client a lot more flexibility and peace of mind.  If you follow the points in the “Tips and Tales” section, you shou= ld be able to filter out the bad and find the right talent dedicated to your wedding or party.  Also, most independent DJ’s have actually worked for larger companies at one tim= e or another, and like any good business, by way of accomplishments and reputati= on, have moved to work on their own.  Independents are the most capable and dedicated and you the client w= ill always have a direct line to them.  Large companies will malign the Independent DJ’s by touting how Independent DJ’s are “part time”, etc.  The reality is, hardly anyone gets married Monday through Thursday.  This means that “Full Time” for most Wedding DJ’s consists of 30-50 events a year.  These types of DJ’s will often be the best value to the customer because th= ere is usually no premium charged and you will get an experienced person with g= ood equipment and available backup equipment.


Entertainment Agencies – These are a reasonable alternative to assist you in reaching the right DJ.  Most of the DJ’s affiliated = with entertainment agencies tend to be reputable Independent DJ’s.


Partnerships – There are a few of these that boa= st of combining everything you can get from a large company and Independents.  That is actually impossible.  You can’t be both big and sm= all. The majority of partnerships are actually a small network of Independents operating under an umbrella and do so part time, or they simply don’t= do that many weddings, thus committing more to Bars and Karaoke. 


“Friends” – Too often clients make a tragic mistake by booking a “friend of the family” or a “= friend of a friend”.  I have not performed at a friend’s wedding since my early days.  These days I would only appear as a guest at a friend’s wedding.  The point is that if you are considering a friend, would you not pre= fer to invite them to enjoy and share the event?  If not, then is your wedding going = to be that much of a priority for this person?&n= bsp; Furthermore, friends of friends turn out to be complete strangers to you, the client, so it is extremely important that they are true wedding professionals who undergo the same level of scrutiny as your other vendors.  Otherwise the follow= ing can happen: They forget to bring the first dance (or other special songs for that matter), you discover that the DJ is not really experienced at wedding= s (“they have done a few”), they wear jeans to your wedding (or funky hats), t= hey don’t know how to do formal announcements, they don’t know how = to work with your other professionals (meaning they may announce the toast bef= ore checking to see if the champagne is poured, or announce a formal dance while the photographer is busy with a family shot outside in the garden)…


How soon shou= ld we book the DJ?

It is best to book your entertainment after you have selected your date.  Most qual= ity DJ’s can give you a firm price quote based on time of event, hours needed and approximate location.  Unfortunately, in many instances the DJ is one of the last vendors selected and in months such as: April, May, June, September, October and December, it will be very difficult to find a quality DJ when waiting until= 3-4 months before. 


Do you pick a= ll the music or can I be involved?

I always suggest that you provide me with your likes a= nd dislikes and I can arrange it to be played in the most optimal way.  You can pick as few or as many son= gs as you wish.  Some of my clients = even ask if I would be offended if they picked all of the music or worked only f= rom within the list of songs provided.  My goal is to make you, the client, happy.  This means whether you choose all = 70-80 songs, or just 5-10, I will help make it a great event.  I am also pleased to take guest req= uests if the client approves doing so and I use good judgment in which requests to p= lay (Cousin Ralph can’t monopolize the requests with corny songs).  


If I wanted t= o get a price from you, must I go through all the hassle of committing several hour= s of my time for a meeting?

No.  Plea= se call or email me (or use the “Contact” form on the website).  I will return a price to you right= away by phone or email.  My prices = are set and not based upon speculation as to your budget.   I don’t post them on my website in order to keep my competition guessing.  They are very competitive and fair= .  Other DJ’s with my experienc= e and approach charge $1800 and up.  I am well below $1000.  If = my pricing works for you, then we can go to the next step.  I will not pressure you into making a commitment.


Can we meet, conference, or have a relative/mother/maid of honor call you?

Yes, if it gives you the comfort you need.


Can you provi= de recent references?



Can we come s= ee you perform before deciding?

This is a controversial topic.  Not too many of my colleagues allow this.  The most popular excuse= is that they feel it would be akin to “intruding” on someone else’s event.  The reali= ty is that often the “promised DJ” won’t really be there so you won’t see who you want to see.  Furthermore, there is a little risk involved.  What if the dance floor is empty?<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  What if the DJ is having problems = with the party?  What if the DJ mispronounces someone’s name during the introductions? They would rat= her you see a well rehearsed video. 


I get this request frequently enough (30-40% of prospe= ctive clients) that I will try to accommodate the client, but only with the permission of the bride and groom involved. <= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> Also, I will be able to accommodate= this request if the venue is public= .  This means that a hotel or country= club with multiple ballrooms is better suited as opposed to a private mansion or someone’s home.  Restaur= ants with an accessible section for catered events are also good.   The only condition that I wo= uld attach to someone who wishes to audition me is “dress appropriately” and refrain from enjoying the amenities.


What types of= events do you specialize in?

I am proficient and adaptable enough to skillfully per= form at Weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s and corporate events.  These are all “high impact&#= 8221; events.  I am always happy to = do a pool party as well, but will usually do these types of events “off peak”.


What associat= ions do you belong to?

I am a member of the Baltimore Area DJ Association whi= ch allows me to network with other talented professionals and continue growing= in my trade.


Do you use Pa= rty Props / Party Favors / Smoke Machines, etc?

I do not ever= use any of these props at weddings= .  My approach for weddings is one of elegant, sophisticated fun (not stuffy, though).


If you are thinking of a Bar Mitzvah, these types of props can be secured by request.&nbs= p;


I am flexible enough to provide you with the entertain= ment that you seek.  Many of my colleagues r= efuse to be flexible and even post on their websites: “if you want this typ= e of entertainment, you would probably be happier selecting a different company”. 


How do you dr= ess?

A tux is proper attire for weddings and other formal events.  More casual events wi= ll warrant a suit.


Can you prono= unce foreign ethnic names?

Yes.  I c= an speak Spanish fluently and that gives me the skill of being able to pronounce any name in any language when spelling phonetically.


What happens = in the event of accident or illness.

As a member of the Baltimore Area DJ Association, an emergency DJ is just a phone call away, but I am proud to say that I have n= ever failed to show due to injury or illness.&n= bsp;


Are you Insured?

Yes.  I c= arry $2,000,000.00 in liability coverage.


How can we bo= ok your services or set a meeting/conference call to discuss booking=

Simply call me at 410-218-2600, email me at dj@djfrankyoung.com or visit the &#= 8220;Contact Us” page of this website and place your inquiry.