I have a tremendous music selection available and it is constantly updated.  There are
50,000 titles available on-site and my library itself exceeds 25,000 titles (keep in
mind that in a 4 hour party you will hear 60-70 songs).  If I don't have it, I will get it.  If
you come up to me at your event with an unusual request, I will go online and get it.  

By way of background, a large selection of music from the 40's to the present is readily
available.  My years of experience in performing special events such as yours have
allowed me to get really good at reading a room.  I deliver the music in a way that
makes sense and makes it flow.  I like to combine that ability with your personal touch
to make your event really unique and really special.

If you like the popular party songs (such as the "Electric Slide") and want them played
at your event, please let me know.  However, the "typical" songs that you hear at
everyone else's weddings won't play unless you request them.  Why make your party
typical?  Let's make it special.  Tell me what you like and what you want to hear and I
will make it happen for you.  There is enough good music to go around so your party
can be different than the rest.  

My promise to all my clients is that all of my clients can exercise whatever level of
control you wish to have on the music selection.  If you want to choose 10 songs, I am
happy to play them.  If you want 100 songs, I will play them all if time allows.  If your
event doesn't have enough time to support 100 songs,  I will play "must plays" and stay
within your list for the balance.  You truly will have a great experience.